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A veces se me pasa el tiempo / Sometimes time flies me by

Acrylic, pigment on pvc
variable size

This work is about the relationship between mankind and nature. This series is born with the intention of recreating the peace and quiet that one would feel when in direct contact with nature, such as when lying down on a meadow and the leaves of a tree filter the direct sunlight. The sight of the sky is interrupted and the rays of sun are unevenly filtered by the leaves. The artist assimilates this concept and reproduces this situation of stillness, to then invert it during the realization of the work: the blots of colour transform into filtered light, translating the density of the rays of the sun. Transparency, on the other hand, represents the leaves, which are here turned into light and pure elements that guide us to look at what lies beyond. The artist stages the opposite situation of what would be experienced in nature. The apparently immaterial light becomes colour, a stratified and dense matter, while the natural elements are stripped of their corporeality which seems to disappear. A veces se me pasa el tiempo is a deep investigation on shapes, on the essence of matter and on the decomposition immateriality.

The artist works through stratifications, with slow and gradual gestures.
The liquid colour is laid down on the nylon support; after that, the artist shapes and searches for a provisional stability of the colour. Then, the drying phase starts: a slow warm wind dehydrates and stabilises the matter. The liquid loses its dispersed nature and starts the process of stratification. Layer after layer, the colour turns into a film, later laid on PVC to complete the work.

Test by Alessio Vigni

Photos Credits Francesco Piva

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