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Cascami / Off Cuts

Acrilyc, pigment and fissative

21x12x14 cm

The creative process behind this work, created during a residency at Forte Marghera in the summer of 2020, developed differently compared with the artist’s usual method.

The piece is formed of numerous fragments of colour pressed together and held in place with an adhesive. What distinguishes this work from the others however is its genesis: The strips of paint used come from other works.

Following her usual process, the artist has put multiple layers of paint on a PVC frame, in order to then peel them off and produce other works. While creating a number of artworks like this, the artist collected each strip of paint in a box and, after many months, the artist realised that these fragments of colour had been squeezed, creating a somewhat dense block.

Fascinated by the alchemy the caused the fragments to create an artwork by themselves – though only roughly before the artist’s intervention – the final piece has been stuck in place with an adhesive, fixing the material in space – on the edge of painting and sculpture.

Photos Credits Francesco Piva

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