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Ciò che permane / What lingers

Acrylic and pigment on paper

160x150 cm

What remains is what is left after a transmutation and time.

A slow and constant process in which layer after layer, coat upon coat, the material changes its look. Our gaze slips easily across the surface which pauses, only at times to reveal the depth that a two dimensional object can hide beneath its appearance. At the edges, the paper almost disappears into nothing, the borders are light and fragile, composed only of dried acrylic and pigments freeing themselves from the surface of the paper. Consequently, the extremities hang from an edge that doesn’t exist, between the paint and the paper.

The work leaves us to contemplate the slowness of time, from the brushstrokes to the drying. More than colour or the paper itself, it is time that is the protagonist of the work, the unmoving engine. And only time allows the viewer to discover the true subjects of this work: fragility, depth and change.

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