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Forma sensibile /Sensitive Form

Raku ceramic and metallic net

Variable size

These shapes consist of thousands of pearls, each of them different, bound together to create a shape that was originally light and transparent, almost see­through and impalpable; here we can see how all that changed, how it became concrete matter despite being made up of smaller shapes. These shapes can give a feeling of heaviness and remind of how gravity works or of nature with its beehives. However, these shapes do not represent anything like that, but are rather looking for their own identity, their own essence, in order to manifest themselves. Sometimes they are light and remind us of a different world, sometimes they find their dimension in a notebook and look like they will not ever come out of it again. They travel from a dimension to the other, constantly changing, getting enriched, and searching for an internal sublimation that might purify them and make them unique.

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