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Il Sonno e la Morte sono Fratelli / Sleep and death are brothers

Acrylic and pigment on paper 

24x21 cm 

This small triptych has been realized during an artistic residency in Pamplona and encloses the artist’s experience during that time in Spain. The title is inspired by the book “L’orma del tempo” (The Trace of Time) by Fernando Rigon. The final product of those three months has been expressed in 3 paintings, which aim to be a connection between the artist’s practice and her surroundings.

The work aims to take the viewer into a floating atmosphere, which can be perceived as water or air and that will inevitably transport the viewer into the movements of the shapes of blue, oscillating between an appearance of calm or a more prominent brushstroke.
Time is the leader of the work, stopping and diluting to allow the viewer to observe each brushstroke and shape forming and expanding in the space.

Sleep and Death are Brothers is the start of a Nigredo state in which the matter is still evolving, unsure if making itself visible or disappearing behind the veil of darkness in which sleep and death are hiding, in a relationship and dialogue which only happens through metaphors.

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