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Intimità n.1 / Intimacy no. 1

Oil on paper
75x100 cm

What I look for is a sense of intimacy, a surface on which a gaze could get lost in reflections over the nature of time and in contemplation. A space in which reality slows down, in which the observers can distance themselves from their surroundings to dive instead in their own inner world, by observing something detached from us. It is possible to see on the paper how time has passed, has acted and still acts, constantly changing the work itself. The cracking colour drippings let every pigment resurface and remind the observer how things are constantly changing, how they mutate, and how everything is always transforming and nothing will ever be the same as before. The slowing down of time helps enter this new dimension of otherness, of something new, of a dawn. Time, however, does not just act on the colour of the work, but also on the work itself, on the matter it is composed of, making it crumble over the years and turning it into dust. Here both chemistry and alchemy come into play, thanks to sublimation and phase transition, from something solid although ephemeral, such as paper, to something akin to gas, such as dust and its dispersing in the air.

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