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L' Alchimista / The Alchemist

Variable size

The foundations for this work lay in the search for something that, although gone, has left a trail behind itself. This emptiness reminds of rocks, while the plaster and its subtraction from the matter remind of the void. The Alchemist does not just represent the loss, the passing of something that has been, but also the transmutation of substance and time. The sublimation, the chemical and alchemical process of things, memories, and thoughts. These shapes remind also of the bowls in which alchemists transformed base metals (such as lead) in noble metals (like gold); these bowls can also be those used for everyday cooking and that act as recipients for material things, as well as memories. This transmutation of things also affects us and the places we live in. Time has acted as both bowl and rock, as recipient and as trail of this irreversible change, which leaves behind only traces of what it has been in the past. These shapes aim to represent this transmutation.

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