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Paisaia /Landscape

Acrylic and colour on paper

120x150 cm

I approach my work as if I were working in a lab, acting as an alchemist constantly looking for an irreversible transformation of matter and substance, where any imprecision carries risks, such as the paper tearing up, folding in an undesired direction, in drying up too slowly or too rapidly. The work comes to life through subtle variations in tones and dust not well blended. The contemplation of such an imaginary landscape takes the observers towards the realm of the unknown, towards a loss of self in a dark nothingness that engulfs them, where fragments of memories can resurface and that leave a trace every time they wander through those internal transmutations. Therefore, time moves through space, as if it is needed to be divided to give some sort of direction, although such a direction does not exist. Nevertheless, time cooperates with the work’s need for calm and reflection and the observers are left to wonder what is happening inside of them.

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