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Paisaje / Landscape

Acrylic and pigment on paper

70x50 cm

This tryptic made of paper, aims to show three different landscapes..
Each paper has small color variations inside and amongst them, a detail carried on from the pictoric research started in Paisaia, Calma Binaria and Primoridale. In this work, it is also possible to explore an abstract landscape which can be both an imagination or a fragmented memory of an existing one. In both cases, the emotions felt are clear and easy for the viewer to recognise.
The artist gave the viewer the freedom to decide where to be led on this visual journey and if they perceived the works as three different landscapes, or a single one fragmented by multiple windows. This is an open question without a correct answer, which the observer can either keep for themself or publicly elaborate.

The paper is deformed by a slow drying and layered glazes of paint, so that the color is free to coagulate and crumble, revealing the pigments of the composition.
The lines which cross the paper are connected between each other and delineate an unordinary horizon, which at the same time separates the works, making them both detached and connected.

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