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Quiete / Quiet

Installation for “Progetto Borca”

Variable size
2018 ­ ongoing

This work was born out of the need for a space in which to reflect, to oppose a feeling of bewilderment. In a building such as the "Colonia”, so vast and complex, one's attention is continuously subject to various intense stimuli, such as the light contrasts or the breaking in of the outside world through the windows. The colours in the old infirmary rooms led me to find the dimension of quiet and tranquillity I was looking for. The encounter with the blue mosaic inspired me to use it as the material for my installation. In this work, I wanted to recreate the outline of the mountains as a stylised decorative motif. My intention was to let the nature that surrounds the “Colonia” in the visual and sensory space of the room. The observer thus discovers the mountain outline, sometimes soft, sometimes pointy, through what at first looks like a simple decoration. This first idea was later united with a second intuition that was developed in a different installation. In this other installation, the goal was to investigate and build a sense of loss: through the possibilities offered by the yellow tiles of obtaining a series of full and empty spaces, I recreated a geometric motif. Both works are not yet concluded, as my intention is to follow up through further intervention, in order to create an intimate and imaginary route, in which these works will be adapted to future installations.

Photos Credits Catia Schievano

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