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Quizás /Perhaps

Variable size


This work consists of more than a thousand concave paraffin forms. Proceeding from a previous work presented in Matera in 2017, I felt the need to further explore the concept and the nature of the shapes, multiplying them through mass production.

The lengthy process of manufacturing was a mechanic act that became almost ritual over time and allowed me to thoroughly investigate the theme of memories and the concept of home, both of which are for me closely associated with personal intimacy. I therefore created a series of containers of different shapes and sizes, the emptiness of which was filled with memories related to my childhood, to some family stories, to secrets jealously preserved within the house walls, secrets undercover only many years after, perhaps (quizás, “who knows, maybe") by accident. I joined this intangible and personal element with the paraffin, creating an aggregation that comes to life in the space it occupies. The aggregation covers it, it invades and pervades the space it occupies in a close relationship with it, existing in a space between what exists and weights and what does not exist anymore or maybe never did, between something familiar and the unknown.

Photos Credits Cristina Cusani

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