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Stola n.1 / Vestment n.1

Acrilyc, pigment and fissative

16x22,5x1 cm

In this work, the artist analyses the concept of materiality, investigating it by experimenting with colour and its physical spatiality. By pouring the colour straight on a pvc support and drying it layer after layer, the artist observes how the texture of the colour manifested. 

By firstly pouring the acrylic layers and later the pigments with fixative, the desired texture and chromatic intensity is finally reached. The artist then started folding the sheet - as one would do with a vestment - with the purpose of emphasising its physical presence. 

The goal of the artist is to investigate how the matter can be translated both in substance and chromatic form at the same time, turning the colour into an installation capable of interacting with its surrounding space. 

The objective was to remove the paint’s support and turning the liquid itself into its own support, so that the colour could have been observed as a tridimensional matter.

The transmutation of matter performed by the artist in this context is  part of the alchemic process and specifically of the Nigredo phase, during which change is never fixed, everything is possible and in constant transformation.

Photos Credits Francesco Piva

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