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Visione di una fusione

Ceramic and glass

Variable size



The aim of this work is to relate two materials, which are opposite but deeply connected: glass and ceramic. Both elements are a consistent part of my artistic research, as they are seminal ingredients in the subjects of Alchemy, Transmutation and Change of State. They both necess to have the ability to manipulate the materials in order to experiment new transformations.

From a matt dust, glass becomes something sheer and solid when transformed. It hardens when cooling down and melts in contact with heat. Ceramic, on the other hand, starts with an argyll that can be easily handled, becoming solid after exposed to heat. 

Given this typical opposition in behaviours, I wanted to challenge the rules of physics, by putting these elements in collaboration. To fuse them together, would have meant to create something new, while creating a transmutation which would partly merge the elements, while at the same time keeping their identity unchanged.

This is the beginning of a partly interrupted union, broken in its cycle but which still leaves a trace of itself in the fixation of the fusion. By doing so, I draw a defined mosaic in which each tile differ from one another, but that is in harmony with the rythm and differences of the others. In order to create a dialogue in between these elements, I leave the glass free to manifest the dullness it gained during this process and the raw ceramic dust to lighten and refine.

Those two elements are binded together not only for the tecnique that has been used in this occasion, but also in their history: they are born from the researches of experimentation, given from the needs of creating materials that could build, adorn and contain. While fulfilling these needs, they still carry within themseleves an aesthetical value which constantly diverge and intertwine from each other

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