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Terra / Earth

Decal and acrylic 
20 cm 


The absence, the void perceived while the earth suddenly moves, unleashing to transform everything on it is a
devastating mutation that leaves us with memories of what once was and that it will never be the same.
This work made of four circles wants to revoke the sensation felt by mankind during earthquakes and is particularly inspired by the ones of Amatrice, Italy (2016).

To explain this sudden and devastating absence, the four images are taken from four different minerals which are present underground in its natural and chemical composition, observed in the microscope and analyzed in depth to understand them, recognise them and remember them.
When instability kicks in and we feel the earth is trembling underneath us, we cling to the memory of stability and permanence. Knowing that those minerals are not in place anymore, losing texture and not supporting our steps anymore, is the moment in which stability is lost and nostalgia appears. Air remains the only element below us, changing nostalgia in fear and leaving us with an intimate memory of what feeds our inside world: our only eternal stability.

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